Are you self employed working from home?

Do you find yourself actually putting on a wash or cleaning up the kitchen on your “break times” ?

Do you find yourself working longer days than planned?

Do you have callers who simply do not understand you are working?

Let me tell you a story….

Hi my name is Martha Fraser.

I moved to the lovely Athenry last year with full expectations and plans of working from home here. I was working from home alot and feeling a little isolated so I decided to connect and see if there were others like me working from home too. So I was set up a free facebook group called Athenry Self Employed to get to know other local entrepreneurs.  We now have 63 members! Click here to join Athenry Self Employed.

To cut a long story short it took a rather long time to get internet and then when I did I realised it wasn’t strong enough to work from home. I wasn’t in the e-fiber location…actually I tell a lie, e-fiber was 20 feet away but I would have to burrow my way to connect to it!

I’m an Online Business Coach and Mentor, which means my business depends on Hi-Speed Broadband. I found myself in August having to look for an office in Athenry as I could no longer work from home. I then came across the Athenry ADC who were about to re-organise their training lab.

Together we came up with creating a new function for the training lab as a HotDesking Facility. Basically what this means is you can come in here and pick a desk and start working from it.

You do not have to pay

  • rent,
  • rates,
  • heating,
  • electricity,
  • internet,

All you have to pay is your small fee for the day, week or month, whatever you choose!

To be honest I couldn’t believe we created something so beneficial to local entrepreneurs who needed a hi-speed internet office. What a gem! We also have a small meeting room, a media room and canteen.

Training & Enterprise Centre (3)

So back to the title of this blog how working here made me more income! 

So I started using this great facility. Soon something magical happened.

There was a pep-in-my-step!

  • I was setting myself a start time,
  • I was getting up, dressing a little bit smarter.
  • I was leaving the house! I love my house but like anywhere if you spend too much time there you get tired of it!
  • I was separating work from home!
  • When I came into work in the AthenryADC, I was more productive. I knew I was here for a set time I had to get stuff done.
  • I met people here, a small personal interaction you wouldn’t have had at home. A chat over a cuppa in the very convenient canteen or a smile from one of the girls at the reception desk.
  • There is free tea and coffee! Nice little extra bonus and a fridge for your lunch, I’m actually eating better now because I have to be more organised!
  • I also was able to use this as a business address which also was a great asset.
  • I left work at a set time. I  officially had an end time!
  • I popped into the local cafe’s or clothes stores more frequently, adding income to those locally.
  • I was able to go for a walk around the town, for a break.
  • I was able to work faster due to the high-speed internet and get more done!
  • I went home in better form because I got out of the house! Happy Wife Happy Life!


I was taking my business more serious, no longer working between washes and putting on meals. I was a fully focused and happier business owner! Due to a more focused self, I was planning more and due to an incredible internet connection, I was creating more content and increasing my income.

Overall coming to work at the AthenryADC was the one of the best business decisions I made. We also decided to set up the Athenry Business Network! Bringing local entrepreneurs together to advance together and harness the powerful skill set we have.

Working from home can be fantastic, I still do it, but just not everyday! If you are like me and need a new change of scenery or you are tired of poor internet speed. Then this just might be the solution you were looking for and didn’t even know the Athenry ADC Hotdesking Facility Existed!

Why not give me a ring on 087-9120850 to discuss.

This time next year when you do your tax returns would you like the income sum to be more? It is time to get out from those 4 walls, stop using your break time for house work. It is time to get more serious about your business, more serious about your income and come to the Athenry ADC!

Click here to check out our rates here, this is a community initiative so the rates are very affordable.